Decorative reindeer decoupage


Returning home after a fantastic (and knackering) season on the coast I am now back on the crafting trail! Being home in the all so familiar run up to Christmas, that somehow this year started mid October, has given me plenty of opportunity to churn out those Christmas crafts. I’ve got far too much stuff – more on that thinking another day – so decided it is time to make and do and sew all this projects or give them away to somebody who will.

I got a little obsessed with the idea of very outlandishly fake taxidermy last year and my mum got me this perfect cardboard reindeer head to decorate. Safe to say I was super excited to be able to transform it into something creepy, yet beautiful. Popped straight to the shops to get a variety of papers – experimenting with the cheaper options such as tissue paper as well as the specific (and crazy expensive) decoupge papers.


First things first – I brought a tiny bird house – perfect for a bit of experimentation! Conclusions: it is worth spending the time and effort painting the base in the appropriate colour (white). You can use tissue paper but it does rip and crease so so much easier than the more expensive papers. I personally favour to rip my papers into odd shapes rather than cut into specific shapes and squares.

It was pretty tough deciding what should go where as I like all the papers but got there in the end by just getting on with it and not thinking too much. Incorporated a bit of painting and staining to add another dimension. Don’t think I can argue it takes the crazy down much mind. I’m super happy with the end result, and this bad boy is going to be staring  at visitors from the wall for years to come.

The materials my projected used were; 3 different decoupage papers; watered down PVA; white paint; gold paint; 2 glass pebbles (eyes) and oak varnish/stain.