Creamy swedish meatballs in a mushroom (and soup) sauce!

Another one of those fantastic family dinners made from a soup base! I know that you enjoyed my super secret recipe for tuna noodle so here is another one. You’ve got to love those super quick five ingredient family feeders.

Creamy mushroom meatballs


Once again I’m going “big up” the benefits of using soup as a sauce, already prepared and seasoned, cuts the shopping and prep down. It’s healthy AND creamy!!

Ingredientscreamy swedish meatballs2

Essentials:                                        Optional:
1/3 tub x Sour cream                       1-2 cups x Mushrooms
1 tin x Mushroom soup                   1 x Onion
2 tsp x Fresh is best Dill                  3 clumps x Frozen
1 pack x Swedish Meatballs            spinach
Tagliatelle                                         Milk as required

There is no science to this baby, just quick, simple deliciousness! So here is the rather simple how to bit:
One. If you want to add in the fresh ingredients do this first – so fry the onions and mushrooms in a large frying-pan/wok.
Two. Add in the meatballs, frozen spinach and the soup and give a good stir. Add the sour cream and if it still looks a little thick you can add a drop of milk to thin the sauce out.
Three. Once the meatballs are heated through mix in the fresh or dried dill (such a great smell!) and again mix all around. Stir in the cooked tagliatelle* and once everything has a good coating and is piping hot serve and nom immediately.

*Cook the tagliatelle to the packet instructions and time it to the sauce.