Elephant lover birthday bunting card for Mom

April is still birthday month, with Dad’s card down Mum’s to go. The best thing about homemade cards is that you can draw inspiration from the person’s hobbies or interests or favourite colours.

My mum loves elephants – always has and always will. From that I thought of all those cute silhouettes of baby elephants clinging on their mummy’s tail whilst trekking across the bush. Plus it is a card for my mummy so seems rather fitting! I must confess my first instinct was to try and draw the elephants myself, after two attempts I realised that wasn’t going to turn out a pretty card (or anything that really resembled an elephant either).

Elephant card for mom

I sneaked my card to work with the brilliant idea to print the design straight on. It is not my normal style since I think you run the chances of loosing that homemade element but in this case because there was further work to do I settled on it. I found the images of “African trees” and the elephant duo, pasted them into publisher. I did a few test prints on paper to get the alignment just right before printing my final copy on the card stock.

From here I folded the card in half (yes it was a rather big card!) and put my Crumpet Creation stamp on the back. Draw lines between the trees, little triangles for each letter – I used a nice shiny gold pen. Colour each triangle with coloured pencils then write each letter with a good black pen – the font style is up to you. And it is that simple.


Clever birthday card for DAD stating the percentage we’ve loved each other

It’s my Dad’s birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

I’m not going to babble but I made him a card – and I think it is pretty  clever (I sometimes have those moments) and you could use it too! Get some plain card…fold it…find a good pen…you could do calligraphy but there is also something special about a persons actual handwriting…draw out some margins in pencil…copy the messages below minus the first percentage…you could probably make it look tidier than I did…enter the correct percentage from below…rub out your margin lines…vola!

To personalise you need to find the right percentage for you! Now of course your Dad has loved you forever so 100% of your life but he is older than you remember so he has only loved you for as long as you have been alive – see where I am going with this? Take your age (24) and divide it by his age (56) then multiply by 100 and there is your percentage. Might take him a while o figure out what you have done – make him squirm.

Fathers card

Father card back

Handmade Christmas Cards – monkey nuts and buttons ahoy!

Candy cane card - heartOn the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me... SIX HANDMADE CARDS!

I bet you didn’t see that coming with the whole 5 envelopes post yesterday! Unless you are planning to give a person an empty envelope for Christmas I think you better read on, I’m only trying to ensure that you keep your friends!

Like my posts before these are all dead simple and easy to make! You don’t need any fancy tools or a special set of skills or obscure materials to make these bad boys. I totally don’t have any favourites -REINDEER!!!

Homemade Christmas cards

We have reindeer who are made out of halved monkey nut shells (no waste – the nuts go to the squirells in the garden) then PVA’d onto the card and my wonderful artistic skills to decorate. I gave that one jumping reindeer knees and the other feet type things – I feel that was a mistake, oh well! I like them! Rudoulf even made a famous apperance so they must be pretty top notch for that guy to get involved. Monkey nut Reindeer cards

I am also rather fond of the sensible button bauble cards. I made a couple last year and everyone really seemed to like them. Don’t fix what’s not broken! So they have made a second appereance this year. I found a couple more “odd” buttons this year which I think spices them up nicely. Who knew I had a stash of yellow triangle buttons! These are also just PVA’d into place and the lines drawn on. I find it easier to draw the lines and details first otherwise the button gets in the way and you can’t get a close line.Christmas bauble card

5 ways to decorate envelopes and how to make your own from scratch

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me … FIVE DECORATED ENVELOPES!

Why feel as though your creativity has to be limited to making wonderful cards – envelopes are plain and boring too! Perfect canvas if you ask me. This also gives you a hint for what is coming on the sixth day. The first four are shop brought envelopes which have some simple pen work on them to make something a little special. The fifth I though I would give a tutorial on making your own envelopes. I find this really helpful if you have/make slightly odd sized cards as it is impossible to find envelopes that fit, I have wasted plenty of time trying in the past so believe me.

Envelope decorations4

Simple brown card with wreath circle on front and back.

Snowy Christmas Tree with NAME bunting. Might get a little tricking with those double barrelled names mind!

Snowy Christmas Tree with NAME bunting. Might get a little tricking with those double barrelled names mind!

Drawn on label and ribbon. I like taking the detail over to the back.

Drawn on label and ribbon. I like taking the detail over to the back.

Chritmas light border. Just draw 2 wiggly lines and have a bit of fun.

Chritmas light border. Just draw 2 wiggly lines and have a bit of fun.

Now making homemade envelopes is much easier than you think. I love covering them in tissuepaper for a great texture and then you can theme them like I have done with this one. The hardest bit is making your first template. The one I have made on this occasion is for a standard ¼ A4 sized card. This is great as it can be cut out from an A4 sheet. I don’t know how to make all these fancy online templates like all those shiny blogs do, if enough people want it I can give that a shot though (no promises it’ll work).How to make an envelope One. Take a piece of A4 card and draw around the card you are making an envelope for. Mark the middle points on all four side and draw a line out (should make a point in the center if you take the lines in as well as out). Measure how many cm to your middle point, add 2cm, then measure onto your outer line (top and bottom) and join up the corners to that point. To look nice you can curve the top point and flatten the bottom. Do a similar thing for the sides apart from take away the 2cm this time. I had a lot of trial and error so you might have to try a couple times before everything lines up completely right. Two. Add tabs onto each triangle – you need these to glue the whole thing together at the end. You can see on my picture what I mean (I hope). When adding the two side tabs draw them at an angle going inwards. This will make it much easier for the next stage when you are folding all the sides together. Three. Cut this template out and score the initial rectangle. At this point you can see if the template is going to work. Firstly fold in the side triangles then the bottom and see if they all line up fairly straight. Also check that if you pull the top down there are no gaps. Hopefully this all works well and can use it for ever more. Four. Copy from your template onto some card or themed paper to make the real deal. If covering in tissue paper I use card stock 230gsm. Cut and score and fold as before (don’t glue yet!) Five. Cut a slightly bigger version (just a simple square) of the tissue paper you are going to cover with. Using a watered down PVA cover the right side with glue and then press on the tissue paper. Give it a few minutes to get a little sturdy and then trim the extra paper away and the triangles in the corners. Six. Almost there now! Add some glue to the side tabs remember if nothing else to leave the curved top one. Pull in the side pieces then the bottom and press together. Place something heavy on top for a little while to ensure that it is not going to pop open and then you are done. After you have put the card in you can just tuck the top into the main section. Five decorated Christmas Envelopes