Crocheting Tails…granny square project…slippers

crochet booties

Crocheting Tails – end of week – project time!

Once I “mastered” the humble granny square I really wanted to make something, a real useable something! And I did! After trawling around the blogsphere I came across this amazing concept of using granny squares to make a slipper. What?! YES! AWESOME!

This project has come along with perfect timing as a good friends birthday is on the horizon and she deserved a special present. Last year I made some home stamped shortbread and a jar candle but this year I wanted to up the anti with some slippers/socks.P1070017

I used Purl Soho (what a name!) to start me off. My squares were a lot smaller than hers so I did an extra round and missed off the extra line on chain around each square. I did the squares the way my mother taught me and they seemed to come together just fine. Her blog was invaluable however when it came to crocheting the squares together – now those were some instructions!

slippers side view

As you can see below each slipper is made up of 6 granny squares. I chose to make the bottom squares plain and the others all uniform. The time it takes to make the slippers can be worked out based on how quickly you make your granny square though give at least two evenings to get them crocheted together. That was the bit that tricked me out at the end!

Granny square slippers

I’m a happy bunny – I like the way that the colours have come together. I only worry that they might be a little big but then all one would need to do is sew up the sides slightly and that would fix that. I’m going to have a little break from crocheting now but will be making ME some of these when I get back!ladies crochet slippers


Crocheting tails…day four…becoming a granny square

Armed with a few good stitches under my belt, tonight was the time to expand. Taking what was created on day two, I simply expanded a further two rounds, changing colour every round. It has become a mini granny square, perfect to transform into a coaster!

Feeling pretty happy with chain and treble stitches, tension is mostly on the up and even managed a pretty subtle colour change! Onto the bigger and better.

first ever mini granny square

Crocheting tails… day three … swimming in circles

I’m giving Mr circle-square a break today as we conquer the mighty circle…almost.

For the first time instead of mum making something up on the spot we decided to follow a pattern. Both mother and I learnt a new stitch, the bobble stitch (not to be mistaken with the popcorn stitch). Using a blog (which I can’t remember -sorry!) and a useful YouTube video we (think) we figured this one out. It’s pretty much an over excited treble stitch. The colour changing is just as uninspired today as day two, maybe another YouTube video is called for.

I’m in love with the overall finish, my favourite blob thus far. Reminds me of a star or flower. The more you look the better crazy owl eyes they become!


Crocheting tails… day two… adding a round

I’ve managed a second day, and in the same week as the first too! Must be an exciting project!

Day two… adding a second round in a different colour!

The evening started with creating an exact copy from day one, with less dodgy tension. This was pretty fantastic in itself. I got a better understanding of how to hold the hook and yarn at the same time. But shall this small victory be enough…NEVER! I also changed colours in a very dubious fashion and then repeated similar steps as the first round. This is sets of three trebles, going into the corners twice, chain and slip stitch. Used a smaller hook today which was a definite advantage.


Circle-square thing starting to resemble something you may actually recognise as crochet, and the beginnings of a humble granny square.


Crocheting Tails… day one… finding fins

New year and time for a new skill. I’ve been wanting to crochet for a long time, I have all the equipment and a mother who is a wonderful teacher, so procrastination no more! This is the start of a short series journaling my exploration of a new craft, CROCHET.

Day one…finding I have fins.

This evening we had a go at learning a few basic stitches, and made a circle-square sort of thing. I learnt (and may even remember) how to “cast on”, apologies for the knitting terminology. Followed by learning chain stitch, treble stitch and slip stitch. Below, four sets of three trebles interspersed with two chain stiches and finished with a slip stitch. Tensions is amusingly terrible. Feeling pumped!Crochet day one