My top 10 to do in Cape Town

Are you any good at 20 questions?

Is it in South Africa? Does it host one of the seven natural wonders? Does it have wild penguins? And a cable car? And beaches, hikes, museums, wine, food and entertainment? YES! Sounding like a pretty decent place to visit isn’t it. Well you are not the first to think that, as Cape Town (CT) is one of the most frequented tourist cities in South Africa.

I was blessed enough with the opportunity to spend a week in CT over Easter. This was split with the Easter weekend with my great aunt and uncle and the following weekdays with my sister.

Disclaimer: the weather was terrible two-thirds of the time, utterly terrible. I’m English so I’m used to it. There are great beaches but none of that for me this time!

Now time for my top 10…click the image below to get started

Further to my top 10 if you have time or particular interest try my extra top-ish 6.

Extra tit bits:

  1. You don’t need a guide to hike Platteklip Gorge, the route is obvious, well walked and there are plenty of other hikers too. If you plan on using the cableway down note the queues are hectic, it is not rare to wait for an hour so keep track of your time.
  2. There are 2 entrances – don’t miss going onto the beach with the penguins!
  3. If you visit Fairview have a go at cheese tasting along with the wine.
  4. Eat & drink EVERYTHING including Cape Malay curry, bobotie, seafood and homemade rooibos ice tea.
  5. Check out the temporary exhibits.
  6. Only visit if you have reasonable visibility or it is a lot of queuing for nothing…learn from me.
  7. If you want more history, do a free walking tour which meets in Greenmarket Square.
  8. Take a packed lunch and eat it with a view.
  9. If you stay here you are right in the action but you won’t get any sleep!
  10. Don’t fret about the time, it’s all very relaxed. Book directly through Abseil Africa for the best price.

Extra tit bits for those extra bits:

  1. Really great if you are into your plants – you’ll take a full day to walk around. If you’re not that bothered by nature you’ll probably not be too bothered about missing this spot.
  2. If you are into markets and curio shopping visit Greenpoint Square for a wide range of souvenirs.
  3. Careful of the weather – many sessions get cancelled due to rough seas – make a back up plan.
  4. Try and spot all the weird and sometimes wonderful “art” hidden around the gardens as well as the famous albino squirrel.
  5. Don’t pick your last day for this tour, you might want to revisit the spots that interested you the most.
  6. It is beautiful in rain or shine, just wrap up against the wind.

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