Mini cakes baked in a tin can!

Crumpet Corner I Mini cake baked in a tin canI love baking and of course eating but my body seems to be making some complaints about eating an entire cake by myself (with a little help from my nephew – how generous!). Then I came across this rather fantastic idea from Oh Happy Day with a method to make a mini three tiered cake! A cake that I can bake and eat myself!

I also love this idea as it starts off as just plain odd, though makes perfect sense really. The first tin I found was a cleaned cat food tin but couldn’t bring myself to use that one so found a baked bean one instead! It is really easy and you get awesome tall little cakes!

Crumpet Corner I Tin cakes miniOne. Firstly find yourself a tin, strip it of its paper clothes and give it a good bath! Grease and flour your clean tin which is now as close to a cake tin as an actual cake tin!
Two. Make some cake batter. I love carrot cake! This is my favourite recipe and I just quartered the recipe to make one mini tin. Make sure you only fill each tin half full as there is a lot of rise. Cook at 180°C for 20 minutes (every oven is different – don’t learn that the hard way – keep an eye on them!)
Three. After the cake has cooled completely tip it out and use a bread knife to cut off the rounded top and then cut into the layers. This is the first time I tried to cut three layers and it is difficult but I reckon with a little practise I will get a little straighter and even. Still stood so no complaints!
Four. I stuck with a cream cheese icing from that recipe earlier and spread it generously on each layer slowly building up the cake. Drop a walnut or two on top and you’re done! I had a little left over mix so made a couple mini cupcakes to compliment.


One thought on “Mini cakes baked in a tin can!

  1. […] cake so I shall follow in that part in Ian’s footsteps. I also like a challenge so have baked 4 mini tin cakes! Quads are always better than a trio! These cakes are then cut into various sizes to make 5 varying […]


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