Make your own miniature banners as cute and useful cake toppers

It was my birthday last week!! And there is this strange English tradition of bringing cake into work on your birthday (you bring in your own cake – who knows who invented that one). But as an eager baker it is a great excuse to try and make a GBBO showstopper. We are a pretty big team at around 22 so I decided to make a lemon blueberry layer cake, who I affectionately (not really affectionately) named “Dumpy & Dense”, but let us not linger on that disaster. I also made some sugar-free brownies from a trusty source and BBC Good Food.

P1020683 I wanted to dress the cakes up a little to show them off around the office as well as letting everyone know what they were getting into, especially those pesky dieters. I decided to make miniature banners as cake toppers instead of following the cakes round announcing them – plus they are CUTE!

P1020670 All you need is medium weight card, coloured felt tips, pen, scissors, ruler, double sided tape and 2 toothpicks. Depending on the size of your cake and how lengthy your title/description is depends on how big you want your topper to be. For my 9 inch wide monstrosity (I’m allowed to call it that but don’t you get any ideas) I wanted to keep it elegant and clean so made slim banners, but made two to ensure I could fit all the text on. They are 1.5cm down and around 20cm long, with little triangles cut out of the ends. After they are cut use a felt tip (I love the Berol broad and fine liners) to colour around the edges and do a pattern.

Cake toppers You might want to make a plain topper in paper to get the folds the way you like before doing the real thing – learn from my mistakes. I did this bit by eye but you want to fold a little less than one third in from the end, front to back. Do this on each side. Now those bits you folded back – we are going to fold them forward again by about two thirds of that piece. Do you folds at a slight angle so that the back fold can be seen at the top. If you are a little unsure practice on some paper first.

Finally write your message, probably not best to go with something like Dumpy & Dense if you actually want people to eat it. Happy? Good. Grab your toothpick and wrap double sided tape around it covering the top 1.5cm. Place inside the first fold and squeeze shut. Repeat on the other side and then all that is left is to pop it on top of your cake. P1020690


Wedding token- Mr and Mrs origami penguins

Weddings are beautiful and amazing, and unfortunately a mine field for gifting. The increase in online wedding lists at shops like Amazon or John Lewis are taking a little of the magic away. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they are used, and it is for the best to get a gift that you actually want and can use, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot throw in something a little homemade and special too – a touch of real wedding fever! This origami couple are a doddle to make, and you don’t have to stick to penguins…but FYI penguins are pretty awesome.

Penguin couple1

It doesn’t take much but will make the happy couple smile when this penguin couple pop up out of a card or fall out from a present. I mean when you are sifting through blenders and slow cookers who wouldn’t be delighted to get a visit from a cute penguin couple giving their well wishes!

I have a origami book which I brought a little while ago and so used those instructions, however the internet is riddled with them so if you don’t succeed with one try another and there is no need to buy a book – unless you plan on getting knee deep in all sorts folding. I have a friend who has a Starwars origami book! Anyway happy making!

Penguin Collage

Mr and Mrs penguins1