About Crumpet

cropped-998973_10153264043105232_1108877830_n.jpgMy name is Brenda but I also go by Crumpet. Why? Simply because I ate a ludicrous amount of crumpets at University and the name stuck. I am in my 20s living in the sometimes sunny UK having originated from South Africa as a baby. Oh and I want to live on a houseboat!!

I am a creative person even if I going against my genetics (who knows where I inherited it from!) and love to dabble in all creative things. I think it is important not to get stuck into boxes as “a crafter”, “a sewer”, “a painter” etc because everyone can have a good go at everything and who knows where you might have a hidden talent.

Things that give me a little joy:
♥ My cats (Sox & Millie)      ♥ Church      ♥ Creating things      ♥ Sunshine      ♥ Family

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and try out a few of the projects. I guarantee there is something for everyone and you’ll have fun giving things a try even if they don’t become regular. If you have any questions just leave a comment on the post in question (or any post if it is general) and I will make sure that I reply!


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