Miniature strawberry & mint éclairs

Quarter final week in the bake off tent…PATISSERIE WEEK!

Everything this week is posh and dainty and lots of them! Plenty to go wrong then! It was a great episode to watch but I thought those éclair towers were a little monstrous (can something be a little monstrous, eh oxymoron it is). That being said I settled for the opposite, some mini éclairs perfect for afternoon tea!

Strawberry and mint eclairs and cream puff

I’ve never made choux pastry before because the idea of cooking the mixture just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m always up for trying something new and from what I heard it is actually a fairly easy pastry! I had a little left over so decided to pipe a couple cream puffs along with the éclairs.

Evaluation? Oh okay then.

The pastry was, as its’ reputation goes, pretty darn easy! It did need a bit of prepping to make sure everything was weighed out correctly before starting so that you could be quick on the transition stages. Not one to waste money on “proper” products I didn’t buy any piping bags but went for cutting the corner off a sandwich bag which did the job impeccably. Take that all you fancy pants. On that front I was a little worried about too sloppy dough to pipe but I got it perfect and they all stayed separated. They were cooked a little long so a bit more crisp than I was going for. The pastry itself gets a good 9 out of 10.

eclair pastry

I really could not be bothered with a cream pat as the sun was shining and I was itching to sit in it so instead whipped up some double cream with icing sugar and piped it into and on top of the éclairs popping on the last of the seasons strawberries and some freshly picked mint.

Star taster this week goes to…Sox. My precious cat who thought they looked so good he would lick the off the cream while the family wasn’t looking! Tut tut!

Until next week!


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