Vegan friendly lemon coconut ice cream


Week five in the bake off tent – ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS WEEK

This week is rather topical! I don’t have any allergies and neither do any of my close friends so I have never encountered the complicated world of allergy free cooking let alone baking! But, as you know, I’m always up for a challenge and this week is no exception.

They covered a wealth of substitutes in the show this week, gluten-free, dairy free and sugar-free! Now in my opinion, if you are going to eat a cake, you may as well go ahead and eat a cake. I know there are diabetics who have to watch out for the sugar, but I count my lucky stars that I am not one of them! Gluten free food has become quite “cool” but I don’t see it as being particularly a healthier option, and does seem very tricky to get right! So that leaves me with dairy free…

lemon coconut vegan ice cream

Dairy free ice cream, not quite baking, but they did it as the main theme of the showstopper challenge so that is enough for me!  This is a challenge with a lot of no’s attached…no dairy…no ice cream maker/machine…no churn. I found a lot of recipes however my vigorous set of no’s cancel most of them out, ice cream machine? How middle class do you think I am blogsphere! Eventually I found a great directory put together on the pretty bee, which led me to these two rather different recipes here and here. I decided to try the more complicated because I was on a dangerous high from last week.

Evaluation? Oh okay then.

Coconut concoctionsMaking this delicious gloop of coconut milk into ice cream? Pretty rubbish! It took double the time to do anything the recipe suggested. The condensed coconut milk got there in the end but I felt like I was losing this bake along battle from the start. The cream didn’t set in the fridge and thus didn’t whisk up to much and the overall result, though okay, doesn’t hold a spoon up to the real thing. I found mine to taste grainy and not smooth and indulgent like you want. It did set rock solid and that was a fear I had, had to leave it out for 30 minutes before I could get a spoon in there. It would work pretty well to sub into smoothies/milkshakes but not a big bowl to itself. Would I make it again…nope…but I might be tempted to try banana based nice cream from nuts about fruit on Instagram.

Star taster this week goes to my Mum who ate a whole bowl with excitement picking up on all the nice flavours and leaving all the dodgy textures out of the conversation. Thanks for the confidence boost mummy!

Until next week!


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