Snowballs…of the meringue variety

Week four in the bake off tent…DESSERT WEEK!

What’s in common this week…eggs? Errmmm yumminess?

Based on Mary Berry’s tower of meringue, I decided to follow the egg white trend and make some meringue  snowballs. I have attempted meringue once before, it didn’t turn out so well, but then again I just through some egg white in the oven because I didn’t want to waste!

Meringue balls

Meringue balls

Again this came from my Big Book of Baking. I didn’t have any cream of tartar and wasn’t prepared to by a tub for the sake of a pinch so instead subsidised in for just over a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice to stabilise the egg whites. Everything else I tried to follow exactly.

creamed up


Evaluation? Oh okay then.

I thought they were going to be much harder! Not often it works out that way. Winning. Having everything measured out and prepared first made a big difference to my normal panicked running around baking state. As is the nature of meringue it tests your patience, the hands on time is short but the bake time is extremely long for little balls of sugary egg.


The cream covering was a little messy, if you make them more than once it is probably an easy problem to iron out. I covered mine in coconut because they are sweet enough that I think the white chocolate idea would be overkill. I think they look great, and turned out bigger than I expected! Star taster this week goes, joint to, Steve and Olivia. It was a pleasure to have them and feed them up!

And your left over egg yolks? I totally turned mine into some yummy carbonara sauce! Dinner and pudding sorted!


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