Plaited rich saffron loaf

Week three in the bake off tent: BREAD WEEK!

This is the most exciting week by far, I’m salivating just thinking back. You can’t beat a good bread, soft and light with crisp crust oh yes please! ….pretty please! …with cheese and ham and spice please!

This week I wanted to keep pushing myself to bake out of my comfort zone which unfortunately stopped me cribbing a recipe from my overnight artisan loaf. I picked this recipe from the official Big Book of Baking from last year and, some might say optimistically, picked out a four stranded saffron plaited loaf. If I had known about the sourdough round before buying all my ingredients I dare so I wouldn’t  have stayed so brave.

GBBO bake along!


Again being one of Hollywood’s recipes and being a rather virgin bread maker I had do some quick Goggle searches on how to “punch down” my proved dough and the correct way to “flatten” my strands pre-plaiting. With some extra research I felt this was at least a do-able task.

Safron loaf

Evaluation? Oh ok then.

Time consuming is the first thing that comes to mind. With soaking the saffron, two proves and forming a plait you need a good half a day at home where you can pick up the different stages easily. Not a waste of time, just a lot of it.



It was a three spoon rating in my baking book, which translates to tricky, which translates to very difficult, in normal people terms. Enough to say that it lived up to its’ spoons. It got a little burnt so I blame the timings in the book obviously 😛 but otherwise I am very glad that I tried it and tasted pretty delicious with some salted butter. I’m still not convinced on saffron, sorry Paul and Mary.

Star taster this weeks goes to my beautiful sister, Fiona,  who enjoyed the super soft texture for a bit of breakfast this morning. Cheers Fee!



2 thoughts on “Plaited rich saffron loaf

    • Hi Lauren.Well it’s my first time with the spice and it does pack quite a unique flavour. Not one I would try again honestly, or use less, as the colour it produces is special. The texture of the bread was really perfect so don’t let me put you off!

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