Pecan and Cranberry Biscotti

Week two in the Bake Off tent: BISCUIT WEEK!

This week I didn’t fancy making an edible vessel for other edibales, biscuit-ception, and for the fact I have never even tasted biscotti that sounds like a challenge enough. So challenge two biscotti creations, followed by an attempt to brew the perfect coffee.

Pecan and cranberry biscotti

I settled on a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s website, keeping it in the family. The recipe is here, but be warned I didn’t like using it much unless you know what you’re doing it isn’t very helpful for the beginner. 2 or 3 eggs – that’s not a recipe! I’m not supposed to decide. I also struggled when to take them out after the first bake – I had no idea what to be looking for so settled for slightly browned.

I opted for the pistachio and cranberry mix, but had no pistachios so swapped them out for pecans, which I ran out of so topped up with flaked almonds. I ate the “ends” after bake one, second baked and then I coated half the surviving batch in dark chocolate and rolled them in some chopped nuts to finish off.

Biscotti dunked in dark chocolate and chopped nuts

Evaluation? Oh OK then.

After bake one

After bake one, before slicing and bake two

Quite difficult really.

I found my dough too sticky , for all of Paul’s warnings, which gave me grief when trying to make with the log shaping. They also didn’t spread out or rise as much as I would have liked (which means at all) which left me with rather close delicious biscuits that I don’t think can be called biscotti as much as I tried. Any ideas?

What I made taste delicious, sugary and crunchy, nutty and fruity, but that’s more a combination of great ingredients than baking genius.

Star taster this week was a toughie but I am happy to say goes to George, on the basis that he ate at least 6 which means they must be good!

Until next week!


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