DIY teabags. Dead simple.

A handful of materials = awesome homemade DIY teabags!

My boyfriend never used to drink tea…ever…then he met me…converted! So what better than some homemade teabags to go along with his birthday presents.

Easy peasy DIY teabags

Materials – coffee filters, loose leaf tea, thread (sewing machine), embroidery thread/string and card.
Take you coffee filters and cut them into whatever shape you like and big enough to hald 1 1/2tsp loose tea. I chose some classic rectangles and some extra large circles. Leave one side of the shape sealed to keep the two sides together while sewing. Giving around 0.5cm as a seam allowance, pick your (or his) favourite colour and sew up the three open ages. Cut the remaining sealed edge and you have a pocket just asking for some filling!

Coffee fillter tea bags

For a normal cup size I used one and a half tsp of loose leaf tea, I doubled this for my extra large circle teabags, I have a special mug in mind for those! Spoon the mix into the pockets you’ve just created.

Full pockets

If using a rectangle, fold the two corners into the middle and the point it forms down. Under the point place one end of a piece of embroydery thread/string. Either using your machine or by hand, sew the fold down to secure the thread and close the pocket. If you have decided on a more adventurous shape, sew up the gap the with the same stitching.

All wrapped up and ready to brew

As an added extra make your own lables to stick onto the loose of the string. Simply, cut a rectangle out of some medium gsm card and decrate. Fold it around the end of the string using prit stick to attached the two sides together. You can be really creative here, I opted to print my face onto card – he’s not forgetting who made him those awesome teabags!

It's my face on a teabag!


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