No knead, slow rise, wholemeal bread for the complete beginner

Overnight beginner bread

The title, which is more than a description than a title, pretty much says it all don’t you think? This bread is super simple, you don’t need to knead it or worry about a bread machine. Mix it up the night before baking so the dough has plenty of time to rise – meaning no need to worry about getting that pesky yeast to activate asap. Wholemeal makes it healthy and wholesome, though very easily adapted to white bread. This is my first ever loaf…so I am not lying with the complete beginner! If you want to skip all my babble below you can find the recipe here.

Coleshill Mill FlourA few weeks ago I had a DD day, a daddy daughter day. I wanted to practice some driving (I’m still a big L) going along roads that I am not used to as well as a day out. We decided to go to Coleshill to see the old, yet still running, watermill (and by chance managed to join a talk and trip through a WWII underground bunker). Anyway the point is that we visited the MILL. It was fantastic. Run by a group of very friendly and informative National Trust volunteers. On the way out I could not help myself but to buy a bag of flour. Wasn’t milled in front of my eyes – but pretty close! Because it is a simple Mill run by volunteers you get REAL wholegrain flour. It was fantastic to see the grain going through. I’ve never baked with wholegrain flour and so was a little nervous that I would going to end up with a very heavy bread. Mixing the flour with half white strong bread flour sorted that out easiily!

Overnight bread in pictures

I’ve always wanted to try and bake my own bread but every time I see the ingredient yeast in a recipe I can’t help but run a mile. There is something almost terrifying with the idea of yeast but I have found some secret determinism to master, or at least get a grasp of the ingredient. If can do this it will unleash so many more baking options – how exciting!

ROSEMARYI got persuaded by this recipe as my brother has baked it twice and each time it has turned out wonderfully! As I’ve mentioned the yeast bit sounded simple and do-able and a perfect place to start. For the full recipe click here. I did not adapt it at all apart from adding in some fresh rosemary and I used the wholemeal (50/50) recipe in her adaption comments.

Easy artisian bread Collage


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