Wedding token- Mr and Mrs origami penguins

Weddings are beautiful and amazing, and unfortunately a mine field for gifting. The increase in online wedding lists at shops like Amazon or John Lewis are taking a little of the magic away. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they are used, and it is for the best to get a gift that you actually want and can use, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot throw in something a little homemade and special too – a touch of real wedding fever! This origami couple are a doddle to make, and you don’t have to stick to penguins…but FYI penguins are pretty awesome.

Penguin couple1

It doesn’t take much but will make the happy couple smile when this penguin couple pop up out of a card or fall out from a present. I mean when you are sifting through blenders and slow cookers who wouldn’t be delighted to get a visit from a cute penguin couple giving their well wishes!

I have a origami book which I brought a little while ago and so used those instructions, however the internet is riddled with them so if you don’t succeed with one try another and there is no need to buy a book – unless you plan on getting knee deep in all sorts folding. I have a friend who has a Starwars origami book! Anyway happy making!

Penguin Collage

Mr and Mrs penguins1



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