Elephant lover birthday bunting card for Mom

April is still birthday month, with Dad’s card down Mum’s to go. The best thing about homemade cards is that you can draw inspiration from the person’s hobbies or interests or favourite colours.

My mum loves elephants – always has and always will. From that I thought of all those cute silhouettes of baby elephants clinging on their mummy’s tail whilst trekking across the bush. Plus it is a card for my mummy so seems rather fitting! I must confess my first instinct was to try and draw the elephants myself, after two attempts I realised that wasn’t going to turn out a pretty card (or anything that really resembled an elephant either).

Elephant card for mom

I sneaked my card to work with the brilliant idea to print the design straight on. It is not my normal style since I think you run the chances of loosing that homemade element but in this case because there was further work to do I settled on it. I found the images of “African trees” and the elephant duo, pasted them into publisher. I did a few test prints on paper to get the alignment just right before printing my final copy on the card stock.

From here I folded the card in half (yes it was a rather big card!) and put my Crumpet Creation stamp on the back. Draw lines between the trees, little triangles for each letter – I used a nice shiny gold pen. Colour each triangle with coloured pencils then write each letter with a good black pen – the font style is up to you. And it is that simple.


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