Make your own solid and hollow chocolate Easter eggs

It’s Easter Sunday!

“Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus”. Romans 6:8-11

Who doesn’t like a good Easter egg – quite a lot of people surprisingly – but we don’t care about those people in this post. Making your own hollow chocolate egg is easy than you might first think, and there are plenty of reasons to do it too! I’ll give you my top four:
One – They are normally made out of cheap chocolate which doesn’t actually taste that nice.
Two – There are a whole host of ethical problems that come along with most supermarket eggs. Oxfam explain a little in this article and give this article a read too.
Three – They are not just chocolate – have look on that ingredient list and see if you know what all those chemicals are. To ensure that they have a long shelf life there are lots of extras thrown in.
Four. It’s a super fun to make your own and the combinations are endless!


The MoUldS

Firstly you need some plastic moulds – we have had ours in the family for donkeys years but it would be easy enough to pick some up from Amazon or stores like Hobby Craft. They come in halves (both the solid and hollow ones) and various sizes. Yesterday I picked to make 2 medium hollow eggs and loads of little solid chocolate ones! You can also get Easter bunnies or make chocolate lollies but I’m all about the EGGS.P1010958

The Chocolate

Firstly you need to melt your desired chocolate (ahem fairtrade). The safe option is on the stove (boil water in a pan and place a bowl with the chocolate on top and stir while it melts slowly), the quick option is in the microwave (chocolate in a bowl for short 30 second to 10 second bursts, stir in between. The chocolate doesn’t have to be completely melted as the hot bowl will continue to do its work up to a minute after). HINT: You want to keep the chocolate really runny through the whole process yes? So fill a roasting tray 1/2 way with boiling water and put over a hob on the lowest setting. Place your bowls of melted chocolate in the water bath and it will keep them warm constantly.

Peppermint flavour

Now you can get creative with your chocolate by adding different flavours – my favourite was adding 3 drops of peppermint essence to the milk chocolate to make it, well, minty. You can also use food colouring in the white chocolate to add some colour – I didn’t bother this time so no pictures I’m afraid. Now you are ready to egg make!

Hollow Easter Egg.

You need a mould as mentioned above (two halves to make a whole), chocolate, spoon, clips/pegs and a fridge – not much see! You do want to work pretty quickly here so make sure you have everything together before you start. I’ll give you a basic example: in one mould spoon in a fair amount a chocolate (you are deciding the thickness of your egg at this point) in the middle. Place the second mould on top and line the egg edges up. PEG your heart out to secure the two halves together and stop your delicious chocolate seeping out the edges. Now dance – you need to twirl and twist and move the mould to allow for an even covering of chocolate everywhere – you don’t want holes! Do this for at least one minute to get good coverage. Remember as you are doing this the chocolate is cooling to form a shell. Dunk in the fridge…one minutes later…take the egg and turn it upside down and put back in the fridge…repeat for 4 times (5 minutes)…half an hour later…turn one last time. You cannot turn it too many times but if you turn it too little when you attempt to take the egg out of the mould one side will be very brittle/thin and likely break immediately. Leave for 4-5 hours and you will see when they are ready the chocolate will have pulled away from the mould slightly and look a slightly lighter colour. Remove the clips and slowly edge the one side off. And you are done! You can give these eggs as gifts but they will need to be kept in the fridge as remember it is just normal chocolate and will melt. Try wrapping them in some coloured foil for a professional finish.

When the eggs ready
The left egg is ready to be removed from the mould but the right one needs to cool some more – note the different colours.

Stripy dark and milk eggs

Mini Solid Easter Eggs.

These are even easier. Again you’ll have a set of half moulds and there will be an even number per sheet normally. Use the same chocolate as with the hollow egg but these you fill each half to the brim. You can mix the chocolate or put in crushed sweets – Werther’s Originals go pretty well. Also if you put in sprinkles before the chocolate they will be stuck on the outside at the end. HINT: it is important to knock out any air bubbles – hold one end and gently tap the other end on the counter top – you might see a couple pop to the surface. Switch sides and do it again. Put the moulds in the fridge until solid. After a couple hours you can knock the chocolate out of the moulds in the same way you would an ice cube from an ice cube tray. Turn upside down and knock on a hard surface, you may need to use a knife to tidy up the edges. Re-melt a little chocolate and you will use this like glue to stick the two halves together. Again store in the fridge until you would like to eat them.

Mini solid eggs

PicMonkey Collage



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