Children’s Easter Egg HUNT with 6 printable clues

It’s getting close to that time of year again…EASTER! Now it is important to remember what the weekend is all about, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But it is also about chocolate. Chocolate in the shape of a pre-baby-chicks ie. eggs! I’m not even a huge chocolate egg fan, but at easter some weird creature takes over me and I am powerless to its’ every whim.

A great way to feel better about plonking down on the sofa and eating your weight in fairly average chocolate is to have to hunt for it first. When we were little’uns our parents used to hide loads of eggs all over the house some little cream eggs others the proper boxes. There were no clues and it was great, running around like headless chickens (I think there is a pun or something funny in there somewhere) throwing them all into a pile. Very democratically our parents used to split them all up fairly between us kids to be devoured. There were always a couple we’d find in Autumn that we missed too! In the later years (I mean my 20s) I persuaded them to make a clued hunt – and I think I liked it MORE!

A clue to lead them to the fridge

A clue to lead them to the fridge

In this post I have also tried my very first FREE PRINTABLE! So super excited I feel like a girl being asked to the prom…an American girl being asked to the American prom! In a group effort between my mother and I we have come up with 6 clues for children to do a little hunt and they are all in your average homey places. So pretty please print the PDF below and have some fun (let me know of those inevitable issues too please). UPDATE ME LATER MY ANNIHILATORS OF CHOCOLATE! Easter Clues PDF


A clue for them to sneak a peak under the pillow on their bed!



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