DIY leatherette iPad/tablet case

iPad case DIY

Hello lovely readers… I hope you’re still with me as the blog is not such a newby anymore! And I’m still here so I hope that you are too! You should by now know that I am a big fan of handmade gifts, especially homemade ones too! What do you get the man that doesn’t really need anything? Well you think outside the box. What does he (or she) have that you can build upon. Well mine, he has an iPad semi permanently on his person..but…no case! TaDa!



Leatherette is a great vegan alternative to leather, it has a awesome look and feel and there are so many types that you definitely are not limited by picking this option. I’m not even vegan and I still pick to use it so maybe that’ll persuade you to give it a try before you write it off completely.

The first and most important step is to decide your fundamental design and cut the fabric accurately. I did a lot of research on Pinterest looking both at tutorials and cases for sale to get some inspiration before sketching out my favourite features. I like the idea of the bottom being a fold and not a seam, raw edging showing and a statement fastening so that formed the basis of my design. I find it best to find a few statements and then allow one’s imagination to fill in the blanks otherwise you can find you move around in circles.

Lay out the leatherette, place the iPad down with a 1.5cm allowance on three sides then flip it once (this is important as to take into account the width of the tablet itself!). If you are basing your design on an envelope style like me, flip the case again add 1.5cm allowance to the top and cut your fabric out. Now here is your basic to work with. Next shape you envelope/flap by trimming the scissors (remember to add that width thickness all the sides otherwise your envelope might not be big enough! If you want to add something extra try sewing the persons name onto the front, my machine does letters – still a bit of skill is needed so make sure you practise!

Case lined with black linen

I lined the inside of mine with black linen, using a spray adhesive. I then sew the top flat line to keep the fabric in place as well as wanting my stitching to show (a tight zigzag stitch). Sew up the sides, as I already said I put the inside side together as leatherette doesn’t fray and I love the look of exposed stitching! Pop on a statement button (this one really reminds me of a wax envelope seal!) and cut a slit in your envelope for it to go through. If I was clever enough I would have done a button hole stitch..but not too worried – remember that amazing no fray-ness 😀

I really love how it turned learnt a few things for next time. It does have a homemade feel about it but that’s half the charm! I didn’t get any complaints from the man either! I hope this encourages you to give something a try and make your own design/pattern. Happy experimenting!


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