Milk and Ginger African Tea


No need to peel the ginger

This is a great recipe for a creamy sweet tea with a little kick. I love it all the time, come rain or shine. It is good for a winter comfort drink as well as having health benefits if you’re feeling under weather with a cold.

My first taste of this creamy and delightful African tea was in Rwanda in January 2014. We (a team of 20 strong young Brits) had just landed in Kigali the day before and mustered the courage and strength to go into town. We found a rather Western looking coffee shop and sought refuge and a friend brought a cup of tea. Her face when she took the first sip was priceless – no home comfort was found in it as she tasted a steamed milk and ginger concoction! She wasn’t a fan, but me, I was hooked from that first stolen cup!P1010722

From Kigali 8 of us drifted down to Rwamagana to work with the African Evangelical Enterprise and The Centre for Champions. The co-ordinator of the Centre for Champions, passed me her recipe and with a little twisting so that it works with things we have here in the UK I formed this fantastic recipe. If you want it to be more like the real deal you need to swap out the water for whole milk. Because the milk is processed differently in Africa you still don’t get quite the same taste!


P1010731If you really don’t have a sweet tooth you can cut down the sugar but be warned, as the sugar decreases the kick from the ginger gets less noticeable and I’m a ginger addict so that didn’t work so well for me. The best way to find your perfect fit is to make a couple with different sugar levels and then settle on your favourite. I halve the sugar for my mum and then add another spoon after I have poured her mug out of the batch.


Recipe for African Tea (makes 2 mugs)

Ingredients:                                             The making implements:
1 tbsp. freshly grated ginger                 Small Saucepan
4 tsp granulated sugar                           Spoon for stirring
1 mug of milk                                          Mugs
1 mug of boiling water
2 tea bags

One. In your saucepan put the ginger and teabag and cover with boiling water. Allow this this to simmer on a low heat for 5 minutes (mmmm flavour time).
Two. Remove the teabag. Add the milk and sugar. Stir occasionally and turn the heat up a little but not the boil.
Three. After a minute using a sieve/strainer pour the tea from the pan straight into your mug or teapot and drink.

P.S. you can also enjoy this African tea iced. Add the sugar and when dissolved add the milk then strain and pop in the fridge. When ready to drink drop in an ice cube or two and enjoy.P1010749



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