Pizza dough Christmas Tree

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me… TWELVE PIZZA DOUGH BALLS!

We have made it to the twelfth day! SUCCESS!

Pizza dough treeWho doesn’t love pizza dough and Christmas…if they exist they certainly are no friend of mine! I have been trying some festive baking using all sorts of season ingredients and encompassing many traditions, eggnog and cranberry muffins just the tip of the iceberg! When I saw a picture of this I fell in love just normal party food turned into a CHRISTMAS wonder!

I normally make pizza dough the cheat way (3 ingredients!) but I thought that in the spirit of Christmas and this challenge I would give making a proper yeast filled, proven pizza delight! The dough really is the time consuming element her so if you use the cheat way or even cheater way (buy from the shops) it shouldn’t take long at all! Mind you make sure you give yourself enough time to make and stuff all the balls.

Once the dough is made and proven and all that faff I pinched pieces off, all roughly the same size. I pulled them to stretch the dough out and then stuffed with all those naughty delicious things like cheese and pepperoni. I wanted to have variety some had pepperoni and cream cheese AND mozzarella and other balls had a variation of these fillings. I pinched the bottoms shut the best I could but honestly I still had a lot of leakage! I scooped it back into the main dough so nothing was lost in the end.

Layout in a triangle or “tree” shape. I addtreeee doughed an extra 2 balls to the top to attempt to make a star like thing. You can be the judge to whether that worked at all. So I would recommend 12 balls and then a couple extra to let you add a bit of decoration (stump/star etc). After cooking by covering in freshly chopped parsley and a few cranberries really made it start to look like a tree!! Super excited – nothing like what I have initially seen but still pretty smashing! I did have seepage issues but no one seemed to notice or care and it was a great party food.


And there we have it, my twelve days of Christmas challenge is over! I’m pretty darn tired but I am going to miss it. Thanks to everyone who has been following the posts and commenting on Facebook – that made it much easier when I really couldn’t be bothered. If you have any suggestions for challenges in the future pleeeease let me know because I would love to try them!


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