Cranberry and Cream Cheese muffins

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me….TEN CRANBERRY AND CREAM CHEESE MUFFINS!

I seem to be all about the food this weekend! I was wondering the isles of the supermarket and saw some fresh Cranberries. And I brought them. On a whim. Because well they are Christmassy and it is fun to try and cook with new things! I then proceeded to trawl BBC Good Food for recipes to use said cranberries and these gorgeous muffins are what I came across. I was sold after reading the title!

cranberry muffins


As mentioned I used this recipe from BBC Good Food. The only adjustment I made was using 200g sugar instead of 250g. I found this worked quite well but if you have a real sweet tooth use full amount the recipe states. I also made up a little more cream cheese mixture because it delicious! Can’t have too much of a good thing!Coking cranberries

I was little apprehensive about cooking the cranberries because listening out for pop can actually be a little difficult. I am not sure whether I cooked them a little too long but they seemed to combine well into the mixture none the less. They have a really distinct flavour so wouldn’t advise trying to swap them for other berries – but you are your own master.

I brought them out with my Mulled Cider at a Christmas gathering and they also went down a treat (phew). They all got gobbled up and good results (trust me that means something, my friends can be harsh) so would recommend. It is a great quick recipe for something a little different to your bog standard muffins.



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