Mulled cider

Mulled apple ciderOn the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me….NINE MUGS OF MULLED CIDER!

Mmmmm nothing beats some warm mulled cider now that the winter has set in. Whenever I go to a Christmas market I always have to get some. I’m not that into wine, so it is a great alternative to mulled wine and still has the same christmasy flavour. I never really thought of making it myself but turned out that it is so easy to make and a real crowd please too (as long as you don’t drop the lid off the cinnamon).

Mulling Cider

The first batch I did I tried to keep well to the recipe here though I didn’t have any pomegranate. When I made more I just winged it a little more as I was busy entertaining and it also turned out fab so as long as you have the basic ingredients don’t worry to much about it. There are loads of variations out there and I’m sure I will try making another batch on boxing day!

Mulled cider



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