Homemade DIY confetti

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me … EIGHT-TY PIECES OF CONFETTI!

Confetti – I LOVE IT. Hiding it in presents and seeing the joy of the person opening them getting the surprise and the not so joy from the person who has to try and clean it all up. Priceless. You can buy pretty shinny confetti from, well, almost everywhere and it cost so little BUT why not make it yourself anyway.

Christmas Confetti

The cost can be zero if you already have some stamp cutters and are a bit sneaky and acquire some paint swatches from your local DIY store. There is nothing stopping you using actual card which is more likely to be double sided in colour (the only downside to using swatches). Then just stamp away. Eighty doesn’t actually mean that many – you do need to stamp A LOT if you want to use them in any substantial way but my eighty will do just fine to throw into a few envelopes.

Christmas tree confetti

Snowflake confetti



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