Hand decorated baubles

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me… SEVEN BAUABLES-A-PAINTED!

This year was the first time I have EVER been real Christmas tree shopping – it was magical. No tree is quite complete unless it is covered in baubles. Colour coordinated and refined is not my decorating style at all! I love putting everything in tree, and my family has accumulated quite a lot over the years. Saying that doesn’t stop us making more to add to the collection.

These do take some time to do, mostly because there is paint drying time in the middle of the process so don’t start at 8 o’clock and expect to hang on the tree that night. I used a clip hanging dryer that you usually use to dry your underwear to hang up the baubles when drying.

Snowman finger print

snomen finger print2Snowmen handprint. This can be done on any colour bauble though I really like the dark green. Just take some white paint and small persons hand (cue 7 year old!). They hold the bottom with their fingers coming up – the trick is not to get it too smudged. Now comes that irritating drying time I mentioned. Best to leave all drying over night just so you can be confident that all is good to go. Grab a pen and make those fingers into snowmen! The additional of googly eyes is most definitely recommended! It’s also a nice idea to date/name the bottom (the palm of the print) for future reference if you are in the habit of making lots of decorations.Trees

Winter tree silhouette. A break from the silliness to this rather elegant bauble. Again use whatever you like a base. I was originally going to use a green but forgot and by the time I went to this one they were all gone. I think that was a blessing in disguise because I absolutely love the glittery background. It did take more paint than I was expecting and would suggest you do a couple coates if you have the time.


String baubleHollow yarn bauble. Getting a bit more crafty now we are. Blow up a little balloon, I would say so it could fit into your hand but do it according to how big you want your end product to be. Dillute some PVA in bowl (not too much!) and then put your string/yarn into it. Slowly start to wrap the yarn around the balloon ensuring that you are getting lots of crisscross motions in there and the string is always really gluey. Keep building it up until you are satisfied then leave to dry. I just left ours sitting on/in a glass. It took a really long time to dry completely so I put it over the radiator and left it for a couple days. You don’t want your hard work to be ruined because you didn’t wait enough. When you feel the result it should be dry and hard. Pop the balloon and pull it out through one of the gaps. I finished miSnowman facene off with a little glitter glue.

Snowman face. Now this is very typical of my mother. He is rather cute though. Again stuffed with fake snow glittery stuff (the benefit of hoarding is all the wonderfully random things you have) then those all important googly eyes and the rest of his face. Use pompoms to make some awesome ear warmers – because you know snowmen get cold ears too!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Only managed to stretch to one, and of course that would be Leonardo. Use a green based bauble and simply draw/paint on the turtles features. I was disappointed in my Sharpie marker and when trying to do the outline of the eye mask the pen kept drying out and I gave up and used a permanent marker in the end. The pictures don’t do his justice!TMNT3

Melted snowman


Melted snowman. This is no new idea! In Hobbycraft we found baubles that split in half. I really wanted to find some that you could just take the top off but unfortunately couldn’t see any about. Simply stuffed with our fake snow and common snowman attributes.



Clay noel2Clay ornament. Now this isn’t a bauble – don’t call me out on it! I simply rolled out some DAS air dry clay and used cookie cutter to get the shape. I struggled to get nice clean lines but I put that down to old and blunt cookie cutters. Again wait for the clay to dry completely. And once again my sharpie let me down and died a disgraceful death because apparently sharpies that write almost anything do not write on paint AND CLAY. I think the best would be to use paint pens but they are pretty pricey so I just went though quite a few pens. I would have made more clay ornaments if I hadn’t had such problems. If you know of anything please let me know.


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