Handmade Christmas Cards – monkey nuts and buttons ahoy!

Candy cane card - heartOn the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me... SIX HANDMADE CARDS!

I bet you didn’t see that coming with the whole 5 envelopes post yesterday! Unless you are planning to give a person an empty envelope for Christmas I think you better read on, I’m only trying to ensure that you keep your friends!

Like my posts before these are all dead simple and easy to make! You don’t need any fancy tools or a special set of skills or obscure materials to make these bad boys. I totally don’t have any favourites -REINDEER!!!

Homemade Christmas cards

We have reindeer who are made out of halved monkey nut shells (no waste – the nuts go to the squirells in the garden) then PVA’d onto the card and my wonderful artistic skills to decorate. I gave that one jumping reindeer knees and the other feet type things – I feel that was a mistake, oh well! I like them! Rudoulf even made a famous apperance so they must be pretty top notch for that guy to get involved. Monkey nut Reindeer cards

I am also rather fond of the sensible button bauble cards. I made a couple last year and everyone really seemed to like them. Don’t fix what’s not broken! So they have made a second appereance this year. I found a couple more “odd” buttons this year which I think spices them up nicely. Who knew I had a stash of yellow triangle buttons! These are also just PVA’d into place and the lines drawn on. I find it easier to draw the lines and details first otherwise the button gets in the way and you can’t get a close line.Christmas bauble card


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