Christmas boozy Eggnog

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me ….


Christmas Eggnog2


Now I have been dying to try Eggnog for a long time, looking at the recipe, well that put me off but I stayed true and gave it a shot. If one has low expectations the only way is up right! Plus its a boozy recipe so that should help! My mother took a bit more persuading to try it so as a wonderful negotiator I settled for an adapted recipe for the faint hearted (the old folk!) and a very raw eggy version for the brave new world (my brother and I).



I have taken the recipe directly from simple bites. I found a lot of recipes on Pinterest but I settled for Elizabeth’s since she gave so many variations and the ingredients were pretty standard. Making 2 cups of the original and then 2 cups of the cooked version given by Elizabeth seemed to please everybody. I also spiced up some milk so the 7 year old could feel included! I found that I don’t own 4 of the same glasses so please excuse the random brandy glass in all the photos!

Eggnog close up


My evaluation/tips?
– It is pretty delicious! I would cut down the sugar a fair amount as it is too sweet even for me.
– It is also really boozy – this isn’t a criticism just an observation.
– I switched out some of the whisky for cinnamon whisky which just gave a little more flavour.
– It really is quick and simple (especially the no cook version)
– You really have to mix it for the elements to combine keep at it.
– Don’t worry if it doesn’t look too yellow it should be a milky colour
– Good quality liquor? Nah I used Sainsbury’s basics whiskey!
– Wisk – I used an electric one for a couple of minutes who knows what you are supposed to do!
– Heavy cream = double cream

Christmas Eggnog


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