Minature knitted stockings (for the tree)

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me….


This is a bit of cheat – I made them last Christmas! I love them, and one day when I get better I am going to make a whole lot more than two! I made these as Christmas tree decorations but I am sure that you can imagine all sorts of things that they could be turned into. One of my favourite ideas is a wonderful advent calendar with chocolates hidden inside each one.

This is one of the first real patterns I have ever knitted, and I got persuaded to give it a try by the knitting society at University (it is them who gave me the original pattern). It was tricky for an armature like me, and don’t think any burly big handed men would have half a chance if they tried. I have never knitted on the round before and though I would like to give it a try it is nice to be able to use a blanket stitch to sew up a flat knit and you really cannot tell the difference.

mini stockings Collage

I don’t have the original patter that I used however this one looks pretty similar if not the same. If you are good, or blindly ambitious you can try some of the patterns within the stocking (start off with the trees and work up to fairisle). I was neither but still more than satisfied with my colour swapping and the end result. The pictures doesn’t show the colours well, the one is red and green (very Christmasy!) and the other deep purple and white. I took some great step by step photos alas my laptop wiped its own hard drive (what a silly thing!) before I got a chance to back them up but the website I link to above has great steps.

UPDATE: I found the step by step photos that I lost – yipeee so happy!! See my progress below:14423_10151318798452246_659293775_n


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