Tuna pasta bake (using tinned soup as the sauce shhh)

Now this is close to one of my favourite family meals. I have fond memories of eating tuna noodle on a Sunday evening watching Gladiators, Robot Wars and Scrapheap challenge sat on the floor in front of the TV with all the family.

Now to clear this up immediately – it is NOT noodles but pasta. My mum used the terms interchangeably and since its her recipe she named it. It’s still delicious even if inaccurate.

Tuna Noodle


Soup is a perfect base for one pot dinners as it is already prepared and seasoned which cuts the shopping and prep down loads. It’s also a healthy way to add creaminess to a meal (though I do smother it in cheese). This recipe is also great for empty kitchen cupboard syndrome since everything apart from the cheese are often stocked up in the pantry.

When I went to University I was shocked by the surprise of my housemates at the ingredients that make this delicious creamy pasta bake. But honestly I swear by it, quick, cheap and easy – might be the cheapest and easiest family bake that I know of and is a Palmgren made recipe from start to finish.

Ingredients:Tuna Noodle

Feeds 5            Cook time: aprox. 25 mins

1x tin cream of chicken soup
1x tin tuna
1x tin sweetcorn (optional)
1.5 handfuls per person of Fuseli pasta
2 cups of Grated cheese

The how to:
. Par cook your pasta (about half the time than normal)
Two. Empty the chicken soup, sweetcorn and tuna into an oven proof dish with a handful of the cheese and mix in the pasta
Three. Scatter the grated cheese on top (the more the better!!)
Four. Pop in a pre-heated oven of around 180°C and cook until the pasta is soft and the cheese melted.

As kids (and sometimes now when I’m feeling nostalgic) we smother it in tomato ketchup and devour.


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