Operation Christmas Child – Make a box!

Operation Christmas ChildChristmas time is coming around again when families start thinking about presents and food and decorations. Many people start making their plans to see family or what games they are going to play first. It is also at this time of year that we are reminded that others are less fortunate with many children spending the day hungry and without their beloved family. Many churches and workplaces get involved with Operation Christmas Child and I have fond memories growing up as part of it.

The concept is simple. You get a shoes box and cover it in ChrGirlBoy_Labelistmas paper. If you don’t have one many places have special flat pack Christmas Child boxes that you can use. You decide whether your box is suitable for a boy or girl and pick an age range 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14. And then you fill it full of goodies. Drop it off at church or your organisation and they arrange for it to be sent to some of the most desperate places in the world so that a child can open a present on Christmas day.

I remember my mum getting involved every year and my reactions changing too. She would go out to the shops and buy everything then we would sit around and put them all together. Some years I would find it fun, other years I would get jealous (seems so ludicrous now!) some years we would do it and others not. Even if I didn’t help my mum she still let me take the box up to the front of church and put it on the pile in front of everyone like the other kids.

This is such fun to do as a group activity and is for such a wonderful cause. This year was the first time I gave it ago from scratch and I was so excited. I got two boxes from church brought in my supplies then convinced my 7 year old nephew to make one with me (of course he wanted to do a boys box!)

Crumpet Corner. inside my boxes Packing our Christmas Child boxesCrumpet Corner. Boxes all packed and ready




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