Pinecone Garland

I love pinecones! There is no doubt about it. I have no idea where my fascination comes from but I love them all the same. Making them into a garland is one of my favourite things to do, and I don’t just leave them up in autumn/winter with colourful yarn they make a great decoration all year round.Pinecone Garland I Crumpet CornerI have tried a couple of methods and found this to be the easiest, cheapest, quickest and well all round best. All you need are pinecones and yarn/string! Simply measure out your coloured yarn or string, I would suggest cutting your piece a fair bit longer than your space as you will loose a little length and you can easily trim it later. Pick out your pinecones and try to make sure they have a good knobbly bit on the bottom (I found about 90% of mine were suitable for this method). Mark on equal distances along your yarn or just use your eye then using the yarn tie a knot around the bottom knob. Viola!

If you are worried about them falling you can always add a blob of hot glue but I found that this is not really necessary and can look a little tacky. This cost me nothing as we had a nice family walk where my nephew was charged with finding me the best pinecones he could and I already had the yarn at home.

If you want something a little extra try adding some glitter to make them shimmer or spray paint your pinecones to match the colours in your room. Make it full of other things or different types of pinecones. There really are no limits!


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