Wild plum gin with recipe

There have been an awful lot of food post going on. Not that there is anything wrong with food. It’s glorious. A rather great commodity. But home flavoured spirits? Yeah I thought that might get your attention! Plum gin is an awesome present to yourself and taking a mere 3 months could be a fantastic christmas present for that hard to buy/make for person. We all have one, if you don’t, it’s you, you know not our pain!

Plums for gin making

I love picking wild fruit, especially as we have a plum tree in the garden; and I love using it up this way as it takes away the time pressure of it going bad. If you have fruit trees you know the frustration of waiting with nothing and then all so suddenly getting buckets and buckets of fruit. Next year I think I might have to have a plum week to share with you my recipes for the left over plums! Recipes like plum and apple tarts, jam and chutney! For now stew the leftover fruit and pop it in the freezer to use in the less fresh fruity months.

plum gin ready for the cupboardThis is barely a recipe with only three ingredients!Plum gin bottled up

Fruit infused spirits are so simple thing to make I don’t know why I didn’t give it a go sooner. I already mentioned that I love giving these as presents, they are inexpensive but show someone that you have been thinking of them (for at least 3 months!) and suit all those boozy friends I am sure you have! I made a big batch and kept three bottles to myself and then made the other bottle into part of a gin themed gift basket (I’ll post up about that soon!).

Ingredients                          EquipmentPlum gin I Crumpet Corner
OK quality Gin                        Knife & chopping board
150-200g Caster Sugar          2 (1L) Kilner jars (air tight container)
600g Plums                            Bottles and funnel

Optional: add cinnamon sticks, cloves, extra/less sugar to your preference.

The how to bit:
.Collect your plums and wash (give a quick check for any rogue maggots) and finally prick them all over with a fork or cut them in half. This helps the juices release into the gin.
Two. Put your sugar and clean pricked/cut plums into the sterilised Kilner jars then top up with gin ensuring that all the fruit is thoroughly covered. This is really important as if there is any fruit poking out it will go mouldy and spoil your whole batch!
Three. Close lid tightly and make sure that it is air sealed! Now shake it! Yep that’s right shake the jar until the sugar has started to dissolve.
Four. Over the next few days whenever you get the chance go and give your jars a shake and after about a week all of the sugar should have dissolved. Put into dark cool space, if you leave in the light you will lose the rich colour. I renamed my cupboard under the stairs as the distillery.
Five. Leave for at least 3 months to allow the gin to get fruity and I would suggest a maximum of a year though it only managed to stick around for about 7 months before I had gobbled the last of it up. Using a funnel strain/pour the now purple gin into your choice of bottle and throw away the plum solids. n.b. I have tried using the gin soaked plums in cooking but I didn’t like how that turned out. Feel free to try to put them to good use and if you come up with anything please comment. I would love to try something.


  • Add a label to your jars with the quantities (gin/plum/sugar ratio) so you can compare and tweak in the future. You can see that I made one with half sugar and added spices while the keeping the other basic.
  • If you don’t have a dark corner (you also probably don’t live in England) you can wrap your jar in thick brown paper to help block out the light
  • Take a sip over month or two and top up on the sugar as you go. I like mine really fruity and sweet so I can sip it over ice!
  • There is no need to be limited to plums, I have post for blackberry and pear gin coming soon!

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