Day 4 of a Pin a Day Challenge

Felt flowers banner

You might have already gained the inkling that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to craft things and felt sure fits into that category. I just cannot resist snapping up a bargain, I’m being savvy in the long run, or at least that is what I tell myself. Mostly I buy A4 packs and use the sheets to make cute felt animals that can then be incorporated into all sorts of things. Today’s challenge has given me a great excuse to keep buying more and more!

Unfortunately the pin I have was not linked to a direct post and so is around but very much lost somewhere on the blogosphere. I still love the felt flowers that the image displays and so have searched and tested many a method and I am exited to be reporting them back to you now.

Felt flower DIYFlower one is the simplest (they are all pretty easy) and the tutorial I used and recommend comes from Life after Laundry. I love how mine turned out and super quick too. Really easy to change sizes, mine is a 4 inch square. The result is extremely similar to flower 3!

Felt flowerFlower two comes from Rainy Day Joy and I didn’t have much luck with it. I was tempted to leave it out of this post however somehow that didn’t feel honest. This is the only flower that uses thread instead of glue and has individually cut petals. There are still other designs I want to try so will give it another shot then.

Felt flower DIYNumber three had a great tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional and I loved all the photos giving help at every stage. The light blue one is 4 inch and the dark blue/purple is 3 inch (roughly). They take an extra 20 seconds compared for flower 1 and look the same to me but great none the less!

Felt Flower DIYNumber four tutorial comes from Infarrantly Creative again with loads of great images. She gives examples of how cutting slightly differently can lead to different end results which is great for when you want to experiment. The only thing I didn’t really like this tutorial was how she chose to finish it off on the bottom and so I just cut a circle of felt and glued it to the bottom. I found this one took the longest and was the trickiest since there is a lot of cutting but has a really unique end result. I personally wouldn’t use it as a stand alone flower but love it when incorporated into a bunch.

Felt FLOWERSFlower five takes position as my favourite! It is based on the example given by Fox Hollow Cottage. The only change I made from her tutorial was that I cut the petal shapes all the way round skipping one of her steps and then after wrapping I cut the little edges flat. I think that I did it in a rather cack-handed way but the turn out was the same so who is taking note. I like them so much I did a 4 inch (blue) and a 3 inch (white).

Pretty fabric flowers

Well there you have it! No wait it is not the end! After making the flowers I was determined to make them into something and not let them just lie around the house! As with the original pin that brought these gorgeous things to the challenge I love seeing them as hair pieces and gathered together into little blooms. I made them into a hair clip, brooch and my favourite two purple flowers onto a hairband (hot glue and extra felt rectangle).

Felt flowers Collage. Hair accessories


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