Day 2 of a Pin a Day Challenge

Melted Crayon Art

Crayon art with no drawing skills required, now that’s my type of project!

As with yesterday’s challenge there are pictures and tales of people melting crayons all over cyber space. I must say that I was pessimistic that those wonderful images were 100% the real deal but am pretty happy with how easy it really is and the turn out too. I am shooting two birds with one stone in this post as my inspiration and instructions came from two pins and thus two blogs today! Craft Knife give a great tutorial if you have a heat gun and Stressure have an in-depth tutorial for using a plain old hairdryer as well as some interested ideas!


I didn’t want to spend much money on supplies (did I mention I was pessimistic) and was lucky enough to have 3 mini canvas boards stored away just waiting for a creative project to give their existence a purpose. Because I was using such small mounts (just smaller than A5) I had no choice but to go portrait and I decided to glue the crayons halfway off the board to leave as much space as possible for that precious dripping. I also had lots of old crayons lying about so put them to good use too. I used a variety of brands as that is what I had. Some crayons didn’t really work, they either didn’t melt or a clear liquid ran off not the colour. This didn’t seem to related to cheap/expensive brands so it is a bit of pot luck if you ask me. Safe bet? Go and buy some Crayola crayons but where is the fun in that!

Family funIt must have been obvious that I was having bucket loads of fun since my nephew and mum both decided to give it a go too. The 7 year old needed a little help with the glue gun part and also a bit of support holding the hairdryer. I love the way that each one is unique and you never quite know how it is going to turn out!Oliver having a play

GardenMy first canvas is “designed” as a garden, the green and brown drips to look like grass/bark and I plan to display it with the drips pointing up. I did have difficulty getting a nice coating of colour directly under the crayons so used the hairdryer to blow in the opposite direction (turned it upside down) only for a minute or so to push some of the colour back up. This did the job nicely although it did mean that some of the drips lost their elegance and precision. After everything dried up well I used the glue gun to pop on a few tiny flowers and I’m pretty chuffed at the result.

I decided to paint the background to my second piece black. I did this firstly to make some of the brighter colours “pop”. I also wanted to focus on building up layers and layers of wax to get that great texture and by having Layeringa dark background it was less noticeable when the canvas was less covered.

To finish them off I am planning to buy some pretty frames, remove the glass and then just stick the mini canvas on some card and put them in the frame ready for hanging. I will put up some pictures when I get around to that bit.

If you have any tips or tricks share them out! Something yummy for tomorrows challenge so make sure you check it out! And thanks for reading!


One thought on “Day 2 of a Pin a Day Challenge

  1. Looking great my dear! I used to save crayon shavings with the aimof doing something similar…not sure wha happened to them though! X


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