Day 1 of a Pin a Day Challenge


Oh how exciting it is DAY 1 of a Pin a Day Challenge! I have been wanting to try this “pin” out for absolutely ages and couldn’t resist. I have been buying up plain mugs for a few months whenever I see them on discount so at least now they can look pretty even if they are sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

There are lots of tutorials out there for using sharpie markers to draw onto porcelain to either imitate something seen in a shop or to do a completely custom design or something personal. They’re everywhere! I am going to link this challenge to a pin that originated on the blog of Home Heart Craft. Click the link – hers are amazing!

Also I love the idea of having a little message or surprise at the bottom of your mug that is uncovered in a spy-like fashion (even though I always leave a centimetre of tea at the bottom of my mug. I’d be a terrible spy. I’m working on that character flaw). I was/am however a little concerned over poisoning myself (and you know other people too) that I decided to refrain. If you’re brave or smarter than me give it a go! I settled for a surprise on the bottom.

Surpise on the bottomTea is Happiness

Thoughts after my first attempt? Don’t underestimate the trickiness of drawing on a curve. This is where I reckon teachers or those who write on white boards have an advantage since they are used to writing without leaning their hand on the surface, or maybe I’m just making excuses.

DISASTER! I feel cheated, almost diFinished Productstraught (almost.)…Pinterest you lied to me. DO NOT USE STANDARD SHARPIE MARKERS. Even after baking when washing the mugs the ink started to rub off, some colours quicker than others but only took a little rough scrubbing to get a plain mug back. I might have had a moment. If you fail try and try again right? I popped over to Hobbycraft and brought some specific porcelain pens, they were dear so I only brought 2 colours so design had to be reigned in but brought a mug with extra colour built in!

Until tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 of a Pin a Day Challenge

  1. Looking good! This would be a great present idea, so much cheaper than the personalised ones you buy online and great for people with awkward names who never get anything with their name on!


    • Yeah I think that will be my next set, a bunch of personalised messages. I saw one saying “There is a chance this is wine”, can think of a few people that would be a perfect present for. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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