Welcome Pinterest Challenge Announced!

What is this? Two posts in one weekend?

Yes. Don’t get too used to it.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you about a rather daunting challenge I have taken up to kick start Crumpet Corner! Now some may think this is easy and yes for a lot of you this may well be true but for a such a brilliant procrastinator and non-finisher as myself it requires a little more effort!

To welcome you all and to give this blog a bit of a push into its new free-range life I shall be doing the challenge of A PIN A DAY. Have you heard of Pinterest? No…you obviously have too many friends! To understand this you must know that I love my Pinterest account, and have sacrificed a fair amount of hours to it, and those pins to try are just mounting up! So starting the 18th August I am going to head on over to my boards and do a project every day.

Wish me luck!

Pintrest snapshot


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