Hello, nice to meet you!

Well let’s start with a simple hello and welcome to Crumpet Corner. I’m Brenda, a 20 something, crumpet-aholic, craft enthusiast who uses far too many exclamation marks, from the sunny (well sometimes) UK! That’s all about me for now as there is a whole page dedicated to that nonsense.

This blog is a way for me to share my ideas and creations with you beautiful humans out there as well as a chance for me to keep a record of things too. I am getting to grips with this delight called wordpress and so please bare with as things might get a little jiggled around in these teething stages.

I can hear you now: “what strange things can we expect from this corner of web space?!”

Well let me tell you. I love craft! This ranges quite a lot from sewing to jewellery to furniture to upcycling to décor to….yeah that list continues in a similar way to pi! But there you have it the first thing you are likely to see is some DIY! I also like to play around with those substances that spoil…FOOD. So two down and two to go! Are you still with me? I love GIFTING, I find a huge amount of pleasure in giving someone something truly special or just right for them and of course it’s always homemade to a certain extent. And finally the one that might take you by surprise but I shall be sharing my thoughts and feeling and dreams of an eventual LIFE AFLOAT!

Thanks for visiting and hopefully to seeing you soon!


4 thoughts on “Hello, nice to meet you!

  1. Hi and welcome. We already live afloat (albeit the barge us still somewhat of a building site), it is a really good life and highly recommended!


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